Jacob "LobsterDog"


Hey, this is just me taking advantage of the server provider I'm using, so don't expect anything special here.

When i was a wency tincy little boy my dad got a playstation 2 I loved that playstation 2 then it broke and I now hate that playstation 2. Years later i recieved a xbox 360 for my birthday, because I really wanted to play call of duty black ops with my friends and thats where I started playing video games really.

"I don't have any fun." - Cotton2k12

My friend Damian gave me one of his spare laptops he had and I started playing games on that, one of the first games I bought were CS:GO and Since then i have played 1400+ hours since march of 2014, I play other games aswell but who cares right.

I take pictures just like Cotton does except i'm 58% worse and I let him use my camera to take pictures and claim them as my own from time to time, anyways I shoot with a Nikon D3300 and I still dont know how to use it properly. My pictures.

Born on the west nile during a civil war with my people vs other people i didn't even know at the age of 2 I fled to america where my buddy Jamie from Florida helped me get to Texas where I settled, now that im in Texas i have to act like a normal "Texan" and so far I fit in well, I have this S Q A U D now and they treat me well.


Thanks to Jamie for helping me get to Texas.
Thanks to Michael for his beautiful singing that I could listen to for hours.
Thanks to Cotton for teaching me how to do things on a webpage.


If you need to get into contact with me for any reason, add me on Steam.

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