Colton - Cotton, Kyelpton - suck my weiner
Michael - Chef/Lord Raymundo - i fuck up some commas, i dont fuck with no onions
Rafit - King Hippo, The Hulk - eat my ass
Jacob - Jakobe, Faggot - lets get food
Raheem - Raheem the Dream, I'm 6'2" and Can't Dunk - i cant find my ankles
Jamie - White Man With a Florida Tan - what is up my dude
Tyler - King Foreman - lemme rub that schmeat


Sometime in 2015, Michael showed me a vine from Nick Collet, "Nature is beautiful." It's just a video of waves crashing on a beach, and out of no where you just hear a subtle "we dem boys."

I completely lost it for a couple minutes, and pretty much everyday after that I'd randomly sneak in a "we dem boys" at any given time when the whole S Q U A D would hang out.

After a couple months, we all grew to it and we're now dem boys. I created a Steam group called "W E D E M B O Y S" as a little joke, and now we all started using it whenever we'd play.

A whole year later, I decided we should add some details to the group page. I added each person with their usual nicknames and a S Q U A D quote with an image of them.

Not long after, Jamie told me about GitHub's student pack. In the pack, it had some credit for a VPS, so I decided to hook us up with a Teamspeak server. Also in the pack, there was a deal for Namecheap for domains. I searched for "wedemboys" jokingly, and it turns out wedemboys.com was available.

And here we are.